Boy in a Dolphin

Sophia first starred in the English language movie in 20th Century Fox romantic film named “Boy on a Dolphin”.

Boy In A Dolphin
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Boy on a Dolphin is a 1957 romantic movie starring Alan Ladd, Clifton Webb and Sophia Loren. It was acclaimed during its day and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Music.

The movie’s story revolves around two archaeologists who are competing to snag an ancient Greek statue on the bottom of the Aegean Sea. The statue, as the name of the movie suggests, is that of a boy on a dolphin. Ladd is the honest, academic one, who wants to get the statue to further the goals of archaeology in the region.

Webb, on the other hand, is an unscrupulous and rich figure who wants the statue just to stick it in his own private collection. And unfortunately, Loren plays a diver who managed to find the statue and is looking to sell it to Webb – though, fortunately for Ladd, she falls for him romantically.

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