Hearts at Sea

Hearts at Sea (Italian: Cuori sul mare) is a 1950 Italian adventure film directed by Giorgio Bianchi. Sophia Loren appears as an uncredited extra.

Plot of Hearts at Sea

Three students of the Naval Academy face the beginning of their nautical career, between new impossible loves, fears of water, and choices of gratitude.

Paolo Silvestri, grandson of a retired admiral, and Massimo Falchetti, son of a rich shipping magnate, are studying at Leghorn Academy.

The two friends both love the sea, but whilst Paolo has the Navy in his blood, Massimo hates military discipline. By chance Massimo meets Doris, a film actress, whom he begins to court. Paolo also gets to know Doris, and although he is engaged to Fioretta, a good and honest girl, he too falls in love with the film star.

However, she advises him to return to Leghorn where he boards the Vespucci for the family’s annual cruise. Massimo leaves his college course and decides to abandon any military career.

Banished by his father, he obtains a job as cabin boy on a Spanish cargo ship. During the cruise on the Vespucci the crew stop off at the port of Algiers where Massimo’s vessel is also docked.

Paolo goes to look for his friend, but poor Massimo, having discovered that the Spanish crew are smugglers, has been clapped in irons. The shore patrol come to the rescue, and after a violent struggle Massimo is freed and the smugglers arrested. Massimo re-enters Leghorn Academy, and Paolo returns to his grandfather and a reconciliation with Fioretta.


  • Doris Dowling – Doris
  • Jacques Sernas – Paolo Silvestri
  • Milly Vitale – Fioretta
  • Charles Vanel – Nurus
  • Marcello Mastroianni – Massimo Falchetti
  • Paolo Panelli – Un marinaio
  • Gualtiero Tumiati
  • Enzo Biliotti
  • Nicola Morabito
  • Aldo Fiorelli
  • Mimì Aylmer
  • Dina Perbellini
  • Sophia Loren – Extra

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